Anne Willicombe

Marketing Director

With an extensive background in academia and educational management, Anne has been nurturing and coaching professionals, start-ups and established companies over the last ten years helping them grow through better communication. After founding Editing Angel Ltd, acknowledging the need for better online communication, she expanded her expertise to offer social media marketing. She has successfully worked with entrepreneurs and SMEs to connect more effectively with their online audience by creating and implementing engaging, consumer-focused marketing strategies.


Anne is proud to be a part of the Kharalis team where she can continue to develop her skills as a digital marketing specialist as well as her passion for nurturing and empowering individuals, while building strong and honest relationships with clients and stakeholders. She is excited to take up the challenge of leading the engagement and growth of the members of the Kharalis community.


When Anne isn’t tweeting or blogging, you’ll either find her under a pile of unfinished craft projects, concocting something in the kitchen to feed her family and friends, madly scooting after her young son, or dreaming about a world free from longwinded, unclear communication.