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Things do not happen. Things are made to happen.
~ John F. Kennedy

The Challenge

Most likely, right now, you need to consolidate all your company training into one LMS system rather than having different departments using different tools with information spread throughout the company.


Or perhaps your business uses outdated paper-based performance review processes that need standardising across all departments. Maybe your company has difficulty retaining key people as well as developing your top talent.


You understand using a cloud-based organic Talent Management system will save your organisation money by reducing spending on technology infrastructures and upgrades, that it will free up your IT department to focus on innovation rather than server updates, and that your workforce will be able to access it anywhere at any time giving them greater mobility. You understand all these tangible benefits but you lack the knowledge, time and resources to confidently take the first step and make it happen.

The Kharalis Solution

Kharalis provides expert consulting so your business can adopt and utilise the most efficient Learning and Talent Management system, thereby maximising the value of your workforce.


Our talent strategists will help you identify and select the best vendor for your business, ensuring they can deliver on your corporate objectives. We will also help you build strategies focusing on developing, engaging and retaining your talent pool.


Our integration consultants will work in partnership with your IT organisation, helping design and deliver a technical architecture to ensure the system is perfectly aligned to your company’s existing infrastructure, enabling smooth and efficient data flow between systems across the cloud and corporate landscape.


Our functional consultants will define a clear deployment plan with you and configure your chosen system. They will design a solution which will match the system’s capabilities to your company’s needs, ensuring a tailored implementati