About Us (K)

Some people want it to happen,
some wish it would happen,
others make it happen.
~ Michael Jordan

About Us

Founded in 2009, Kharalis’ expert consultants have worked with the world’s largest and most successful companies. Our detailed knowledge of the most used systems enables us to deliver exceptional results every time.

Our Vision

  • We imagine a world where employees can easily access resources to develop their skills to take them where they want to go on their career path.
  • We imagine a world where companies can grow and nurture their talent internally without having to always buy talent from outside.
  • We imagine a world where engagement is the norm, going to work is enjoyable and rewarding, and the latest technologies are available and well utilised.

Our Values


We pride ourselves on always being honest, transparent and open which creates strong and positive trusting relationships; we act with integrity, respecting and valuing all individuals, and always keep our promises.


We are passionate about our business, our partners and our clients, have a passion for excellence while promoting and implementing innovative solutions, and are passionate about valuing and protecting our reputation.


We deal with people and issues directly and openly, working across organisational levels while seeking to continually simplify and improve processes and procedures.